Travel Waxer Bench Allski

2299.00  SEK

Travel Waxer Bench Allski is the complete package for the skier going both downhill and cross-country. Most likely this product covers the whole family’s waxing need. Bench Allski gives the best price advantage when compared to buying the parts individually.

Why choose this product?

  • Stable support for all ski types
  • Works for edge grinding
  • Fits all binding types and ski lengths
  • All parts go in the ski bag


  • Stable support for complete cross-country and alpine waxing
  • Both the bench and the ski vise go into your ski bag, making it optimal for flying. The bench alone has a weight of 2.3 kg.
  • For edge grinding the ski is placed sideways in the alpine profiles
  • Ski stopper is folded away when alpin adapter placed in binding
  • Stable support for both cross-country and alpine waxing
  • Height adjustable center clamp ring accomodates all ski lengths
  • Flexible system – you can use the ski vise indoors on a table or outdoors on the bench.
  • Clamp rubber coating prevents scratches on table
  • Fits in many places – clamps handle a thickness of mounting surface (e.g. a table) of up to 6 cm and the length of the mounting surface should be about 140 cm

Product Data


Steel, hard plastic and aluminum

Country of Manufacturing



Bench: 160 x 5 x 5 cmAllski: 55 x 15 x 7 cm


4.2 kg




Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 103 × 15 × 16 cm