About the Company

Travel Waxer is a brand owned by Inventeur Products AB (Org Nbr: SE550638064401). The name Inventeur is a combination of Invent and Entrepreneur. The business concept is to develop products and bring them to the market. In addition to Travel Waxer Inventeur Products AB also owns the over door hanger Hang Over. Part of the business concept is to produce in Sweden. The reason behind this to enable quick product adaption and reduce the environmental footprint.

In order to reduce shipping costs and avoid customs handling, Inventeur Products AB has a subsidiary in Norway (Org Nbr: 913056485).

In addition to Sweden and Norway there are Travel Waxer retailers in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.

Travel Waxer
c/o Inventeur Products AB
Lyckåsvägen 7F
741 30 Knivsta